Mulberry Foster Care

Meet the Team

Our Team here at Mulberry all have a passion for ensuring real change in the lives of young people within the care system.

Every member of the team has a strong relationship with each of our foster carers, birth children and foster children. Here at Mulberry, whoever picks up your call will not only greet you with a friendly and welcoming voice but will be able to assist you and we are here for you 24/7.

Our team
  • Shaun Burnett

    Registered Manager (Director)

  • Andrew Robinson

    Responsible Individual (Director)

  • Matthew Smith

    Placements & Commissioning Manager

  • Jane Carver

    Operations Manager

  • Marc Heptinstall

    Social Worker Team Manager

  • Jacqueline Dunster

    Supervising Social Worker

  • Lorna Saville

    Supervising Social Worker

  • Claire Stanley

    Supervising Social Worker

  • Laura Cuthbert

    Supervising Social Worker

  • Tracey Wakeham

    Business Support

  • Linda Dunn

    Finance and HR

  • Honey

    Mulberry Dog