Mulberry Foster Care

Mulberry Foster Care pay our carers on a monthly basis

Your allowance as a Foster Carer varies due to the needs of the child placed with you but you could receive as much as £1000 per week. Further, after your first year as a Foster Carer with Mulberry Foster Care and a successful annual review, you will receive a 10% increase in your allowance.

We will do whatever we can do to make your life easier and to show our appreciation for your hard work as a carer.

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Your allowance consists of the following:

  • Weekly Placement Allowance

    A weekly placement allowance of at least £400 per child

  • Holiday Allowance

    A Holiday allowance paid monthly throughout the year

  • Christmas and Birthday Allowance

    A Christmas and Birthday allowance of £150 per child

Along with the regular financial support you will also benefit from:

  • Membership

    to a Fostering Support Service

  • Multiple events

    run throughout the year

  • Regular competitions

    with fun prizes

  • Gifts & giveaways

    throughout the year